So long Gluten, I surely am not missing you.

Jul 11, 2018

I would like to start by saying I am feeling the best I have felt in two years.  I have had to really listen to myself and my body.  I advocate for my health.  We all need to be in charge of ourselves and the choices for our body.   I have chosen to cut gluten completely out of my diet.   I have done research and I have found people with autoimmune diseases like Type one diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are prone to having a gluten issue.  For years I have had pretty bad fatigue, anxiety, itchy skin just to name some.  Everyone is different, and if you are intolerant to gluten you can have your own set of symptoms.

I started about a year ago with the gluten free lifestyle.  I noticed a difference within the first 2-3 days.  It was a significant change.  I will share something very personal because I want to always be real and honest.  One of the most noticeable for me was my depression and anxiety.  I have been to some pretty dark places, and have had to really work hard.   I have struggled for a very long time with these issues, probably since around high school.  There is a link between depression, anxiety, and type one diabetes.  That is not surprising considering all the body goes through with type one diabetes.

I started with cutting out any bread, fried foods,  pasta etc.  The first week was difficult getting used to that, as far as eating out.  I had to say goodbye to my favorite thing in the world, Chik fil a nuggets (the fried ones anyway).  Sad but so true. I would eat them multiple times a week 🙂  I have however gotten used to the grilled ones I just order a side of pickles.

My diet now consists of gluten free granola in the morning, salad for lunch.  Dinner is pretty easy to do.  I choose a protein ( fish or chicken)  for me , and a veggie and quinoa.  It does take little more time to plan what you will eat, but if you have a gluten intolerance like me its worth it.  I also have so so much more energy then I have had in years.  That is something I am so so grateful for.

I never put together when I would eat certain things I would feel sick , or anxiety ridden. It has also helped with itchy skin as well.  If you feel like you may have an issue talk to your doctor, try the elimination diet.  You eliminate gluten from your diet for 2 weeks or so.  See how you feel.

I just really had to share with anyone who may read this, the positive changes that have come, from making this adjustment to my diet.. maybe it can help you as well.

Thank you to my sister Aubrey for introducing me to my first piece of gluten free bread (UDI’s gluten free bread) You inspired a change.

And my best friend Kristy for randomly sending me the article about gluten and thyroid issues, you two helped me more then you know.

I just encourage trying it out, I am here if anyone wants any tips or support 🙂  I am going to be posting some recipes I make now very soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Angi Perretti

    July 14th, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    Hello Ashley:
    I am pre-diabetic, or WAS!! I have revamped my diet and lifestyle to include fresh vegetables and fresh organic proteins. I have sworn off ALL GRAINS, not just gluten!! And, it has made a difference in digestion and bloating! Love my new life without GRAINS!!

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