So every year we all make New Years resolutions , we swear we will keep.  Sometimes we do, and well sometimes we just forget all about those pesky promises we intended to follow through on. EVERY year I say I am going to work out.  I am going to be more active.  I am going […]

  So I am obsessed with braids.  Like I cant stop.  As a hairstylist one would think I would have just been a natural, and amazing at them. Wrong!  I was not, not at all.  I remember being in school at Paul Mitchell and trying to get the hang of them and I just could […]

As  a hair stylist I have alot of wonderful products at my fingertips! I have to be honest I really love natural goodness!  My sisters and I grew up that way, loving and appreciating natural ingredients and  natural health foods.  I love different essential oils and love coming up with different concoctions.  I know most […]

As long as I could remember I have searched for a stylish medical alert bracelet.  Lets be honest guys and gals if we need to wear them we want them to at least look great.  When I stumbled across Lauren’s Hope I was ecstatic.  Her pieces are one of a kind, so stylish and can […]

From what I can actually remember, I felt like death. I was 12 years old, not quite sure what was going on with my body. My parents thought it was a virus.. maybe a really bad flu. I was gulping down soda, water, juice anything really that i could get my hands on. I would […]