I  do not recall ever dreaming of being a mom or seeing a baby and melting.  It was never in the forefront of my mind.  It was always in my mind, way back in my mind that I as a  type one, I  probably just would not have that experience  in my future.  I would […]

I wanted to create a healthy fresh quick meal and I did it for under twenty two dollars and I am SO proud.  This meal was a success and will be a repeat in my house.  I wanted to not  have to spend too much time in the kitchen so I bought store bought pesto, […]

I would like to start by saying I am feeling the best I have felt in two years.  I have had to really listen to myself and my body.  I advocate for my health.  We all need to be in charge of ourselves and the choices for our body.   I have chosen to cut […]

I have this slight obsession with peanut butter. Like I could literally put it into everything and anything.  The past year I have really amped up my cooking and dietary awareness. I want to only put good things into this body of mine.  Between the Type one diabetes and thyroid issues as well as PCOS […]

I am a foodie.  I love so many different foods.  My favorites are Spanish tapas, any kind of fresh salad, and I love turkish dishes.  Many years ago while I was working retail in the Winter Park, Florida area I came across an amazing Turkish spot called Bosphorus.  It was so delicous and I fell […]

Who said that yogurt and oatmeal is just for the morning?!  It is not!  I find this mason jar filled with goodness, a delicious breakfast,  noon or night.  It really helps keep me satisfied throughout the day,  so I do not want to snack so much.  I do not really ever make anything with a […]

After so many years of diabetes I have gone through numerous doctors, I believe my count is at five.   At times, I felt as if my doctors weren’t really listening, or caring.  I felt like I was just a number on a chart that they glanced down  at a second before they entered the […]

I have to admit I love chips.  They are my weakness.  I mean I can finish a bag in two days kind of weakness, maybe a bag in a couple hours. We are talking, a slap your hand away if you want a chip kind of weakness.  I have an obsession with Doritos, Cheetos, and […]

Green Goodness.

Jul 13, 2015

I just have to share these delicious green beauties. Brussels Sprouts are great for you! I made them the other night and had to post about them.  I actually used to despise Brussels sprouts growing up, and its funny in my old mature age of 31 I am completely enamored with them.  They really are […]

When life hands you lemons make lemonade right? Right. Well not in this instance, lets make a wonderful refreshing lemon and mint water. I have always really loved lemons. I now love them so much more knowing the health benefits of both lemon and mint.  I just want to share some of the benefits really […]