Who said that yogurt and oatmeal is just for the morning?!  It is not!  I find this mason jar filled with goodness, a delicious breakfast,  noon or night.  It really helps keep me satisfied throughout the day,  so I do not want to snack so much.  I do not really ever make anything with a […]

After so many years of diabetes I have gone through numerous doctors, I believe my count is at five.   At times, I felt as if my doctors weren’t really listening, or caring.  I felt like I was just a number on a chart that they glanced down  at a second before they entered the […]

I have to admit I love chips.  They are my weakness.  I mean I can finish a bag in two days kind of weakness, maybe a bag in a couple hours. We are talking, a slap your hand away if you want a chip kind of weakness.  I have an obsession with Doritos, Cheetos, and […]

Phew! I made it through the appointment!!! And it really was not as horrible as I expected.  It is quite lengthy process of waiting and tests, but all in all not SO bad. My husband and I arrived at the appointment, and I had like 1,000 butterflies in my stomach.  I had thoughts of just […]

So I am ready and willing to share something so personal to me  right now.  Not many people know.  A little less than a year ago I was having an annual eye exam.  Diabetics need to go yearly due to complications that can arise.  This comes with being diabetic, in the back of our minds […]

Green Goodness.

Jul 13, 2015

I just have to share these delicious green beauties. Brussels Sprouts are great for you! I made them the other night and had to post about them.  I actually used to despise Brussels sprouts growing up, and its funny in my old mature age of 31 I am completely enamored with them.  They really are […]

  So I am obsessed with braids.  Like I cant stop.  As a hairstylist one would think I would have just been a natural, and amazing at them. Wrong!  I was not, not at all.  I remember being in school at Paul Mitchell and trying to get the hang of them and I just could […]

I have some time to myself right now.  Husband is at work (I am lucky to have the most loving, supportive partner in this life).  Family is at beach.  I couldn’t go because I am having one of those days.  One of those days that just tests you and makes you need a major time […]