Breakfast can be fun.

Who said that yogurt and oatmeal is just for the morning?!  It is not!  I find this mason jar filled with goodness, a delicious breakfast,  noon or night.  It really helps keep me satisfied throughout the day,  so I do not want to snack so much.  I do not really ever make anything with a […]

Same team, same goals..

After so many years of diabetes I have gone through numerous doctors, I believe my count is at five.   At times, I felt as if my doctors weren’t really listening, or caring.  I felt like I was just a number on a chart that they glanced down  at a second before they entered the room.  Some would talk over me, tell me things they thought they knew about my body even though I am the one with the disease.  I will admit,  I am sure I was not the perfect patient either when I was younger.  It was have been my perception of them.

Everything changed for me once I found my current enocrinologist Dr. Jacobs.  My best friend is a social worker and was helping me find the best endocrinologist she could.  I am forever grateful to her for that.  At the time I was making the appointment,  Dr Jacobs had a waiting list of about 7 months.  My best friend was able to get me the appointment in 3 months.  Let me tell you it was worth the three month wait.

I have had three appointments with Dr Jacobs to date.  Every single one is better then the last.  My last appointment she sat with me I would say over an hour.  Answering every question I had.   I have never had a doctor care so much.  We have been able to work together and have dropped my A1c.  An A1c is a test that basically measures how controlled a diabetics sugars and diabetes are.  At one point in the past my a1c was 11.0.  That result is absolutely horrible and it made me feel dreadful it was so high.  I was searching out someone like Dr, Jacobs just for that reason.  Me, my diabetes, my body were out of sync, and out of control.  I needed help, and needed it fast.

Dr. Jacobs put me at ease and assured me it would all be ok, and I would need to put the work in.  So lets just fast forward to my appointment this past Tuesday.  I was nervous, upset, scared, afraid of what my blood work would show.  I was concerned because the past three months have been so incredibly trying with all my current eye issues.  To my surprise she ran the a1c right in the office and it had dropped from the last check up.  I started crying because as much of a “failure” I felt like at times with this disease I am getting it, little by little.  It means something to me.  More then I realized.

Dr. Jacobs really has changed my life.  Having someone that does not judge you is irreplaceable to me.  We went over my other lab work and my kidneys are healthy and liver! Could not have gone better in that regard!  My kidneys are leaking a little protein which means the kidneys are slightly strained, so I will be taking a low dose of lisinopril, which will clear that up!

Having this disease is full of highs and lows, just like our blood sugars :)  Hang in there.  Do the best you can.  Take one day at a time.  Be mindful of the stress you put on yourself.  This is a extremely difficult disease to manage at times.  Celebrate your victories no matter how small they seem.  My victory was my A1c going down,  despite my health the past 4 months.  I actually cant wait for my next three month check up!  I can not wait to push myself. and see what I am capable of.  We can all do this! We got it!


Junky Food Alternative.

I have to admit I love chips.  They are my weakness.  I mean I can finish a bag in two days kind of weakness, maybe a bag in a couple hours. We are talking, a slap your hand away if you want a chip kind of weakness.  I have an obsession with Doritos, Cheetos, and Salt and Vinegar chips.  Clearly, it is not wise to indulge like that for anyone but especially a diabetic.  Chips tend to be high in fat, oils, carbohydrates, and salt.  So with that being said about six months ago I started limiting my crazy chip intake :) BOO!

I have found so many healthy alternatives.  My favorite chip alternative is wheat thins and hummus.  I love any hummus really.  I recently was shopping at Fresh Market and I fell in LOVE with a curry hummus they had.  I had to share this discovery.  I LOVE LOVE curry.  Curry has so many health benefits as well as hummus in general.  Hummus is made typically with chickpeas, tahini, lemon and garlic, as well as olive oil.   Curry can help lower blood pressure and aids in inflammation issues.  Curry also has antibacterial activity, meaning it may help fight off infection.

I am not saying never to eat chips again I mean how cruel would that be? I am just saying just try a healthier alternative and see what you think.  It does not need to be a curry hummus.  Give any hummus a try :)

Below is a picture of what I like to snack on.  I love to pair it with cucumbers, and wheat thins.  Hope you indulge soon! Tell me what you think :)



Tough times make us tougher.

Phew! I made it through the appointment!!! And it really was not as horrible as I expected.  It is quite lengthy process of waiting and tests, but all in all not SO bad.

My husband and I arrived at the appointment, and I had like 1,000 butterflies in my stomach.  I had thoughts of just forgetting the whole thing and running right out the door.  I am so glad I did not.  I faced a huge fear.  Well to be honest any doctor office gives me great fear and anxiety.  I pushed right through.  As I sat there with sweating palms and feet I thought to myself, ” you have to try this, the alternative is not going to be pretty.  The truth is, I needed this appointment to try and stop the swelling and leaking within my eye.

They call my name, and I walk through those doors.  Here goes nothing.

The typical reviewing of medical history happens, visions tests, and they check eye pressure.  My eyes are dilated, and I am ready for the next test.  Ok, I definitely was not ready but I made it this far, so I sucked it up.  Next, was the fluorescein angiogram.  This test is where flourecent dye is given through an IV in the hand or arm. This test essentially shows all of the leaking and swelling in the eye.  After the dye is injected, a series of pictures are taken for the doctor to review.

My doctor reviewed with me the results.  As I knew it was macular edema with micro aneurysms within the eye.  So we decided its laser time.    Next, I was sent to the waiting room.  We then waited for the laser  to become available.  The wait was not very long thank goodness.

I was called into the room where the laser machine was, and I sat there concentrating on taking deep deep breaths.  The little yoga I have practiced was coming in handy.  I could not have my husband in the room for the actual laser procedure, it was just the doctor and I.  He came into the room and the laser was to begin.  He administered numbing drops.  Then placed a circular piece of a thick glass in my left eye to prop it open during the procedure ( sorry I did not catch the name of the tool he used).  I think it took about ten minutes.  Felt like 2 hours.  One thing I will say is I did not feel any real pain, just discomfort.

Its been a few days since the procedure and I am doing well.  I will never regain full vision in my left eye, although the laser should help slow down or prevent anymore damage in that eye.  I go back in two months for a follow up.  I am very hopeful.  I now will be a lot more confident if I need to have more sessions of laser surgery.  Everyone has different experiences, but mine was better then I thought it would be.

If you are facing something scary, and challenging just know that it probably will never be as bad as you are imagining in your mind.  Stay strong, accept comfort, and encouraging words from others.  I will not lie I cried in the first part of the examination I was shaking with fear.  Having my husband there telling me it will be alright,  and rubbing my back helped me immensely.  We all need to lean on others at times.

In the picture below I was wearing my sunglasses because my eyes were very dilated, this was before the dye test.  I do not typically wear glasses inside :)


Do I go left, or do I go right?

So I am ready and willing to share something so personal to me  right now.  Not many people know.  A little less than a year ago I was having an annual eye exam.  Diabetics need to go yearly due to complications that can arise.  This comes with being diabetic, in the back of our minds we know what this disease can do to us.  Most of the negative effects are not pretty.  I try to keep the not so pleasant parts and pieces to this diseaese away from my everyday, but they are always in the back of my mind.  I am not here to be all doom and gloom, with good sugar control,  exercise, keeping cholesterol down etc we can keep many of these complications at bay.  Modern technology is so incredible these days, many complications can be halted or the progression can be delayed.

Unfortunately, at a routine eye exam I found out that I had signs of diabetic retinopathy and macular  edema in my eyes, clearly complications no longer at bay, or in the back of my mind.   Both of which can result in blindness.  I was so shocked and cried a great deal that day.  Obviously,  being faced with my fist real complication after 17 years was kind of a shock.  I immediately made an appointment with a specialist, and they let me know that we would just watch  my eyes because it wasn’t at the point of intervening.  I took and deep breathe and was so thankful.

Fast forward about 4 months, and my vision became blurry in my left eye.  I go to the doctor, and I am told I will need a shot into my eye.  I am going to spare you the details of this, but for me it was so awful.  I have heard many people were not too effected by these injections, but I was.  I am someone that can not keep my eye open for eye drops, let alone a needle.

I was told two weeks ago that I am a canidate for laser.  This is by a different doctor and different practice.  This makes me so happy because laser will cut down losing my eyesight by 50%.  I struggled with which way to go laser or eye injections. And after many long  days and nights, I am trying laser.  I will be getting that done this week hopefully.  I go today to get dye injected to pin point where the leaking and swelling is.  Depending on what is found I will receive the laser today.  So keep me in your thoughts, I am pretty nervous I am not going to lie.  I do not want to lose my sight to this disease.  I need to see my husbands face everyday, my parents, my sisters, my sweet pups, the world.

I wanted to be honest and authentic with the not so cool side of this disease.  I want others to know that you are not alone in this, and with treatment the outcome is so great.  My doctor told me after having this disease for more then 12 years or so, the eyes can start to have issues.  So to be honesst I am thankful my eyes have been so good to me thus far.  Its an everyday struggle to keep sugars in control, be active, watch your diet, take numerous injections the list goes on and on.  I am learning to be more kind and forgiving to myself, if I fall I have to get back up.  Everyday is a challenge, and there are times I feel so guilty when my sugars are poor, but I am human and its ok to struggle and need help.  I am also learning to lean on my friends and family.  I have to make myself share because I tend to keep things inside.  Funny that I am writing a post to share with everyone :)

Remember that things will always get better and now they have so many treatment options available that can stop the progression of these eye conditions. GO TO YOUR ANNUAL EYE EXAM!  Do not put it off.  If you notice any visions changes go to the doctor.  I know its all scary and overwhelming, but I have learned you gotta fight through it.   Fear can cripple me at times.  I have been brought down to my knees with this, I am so scared.  But I think of how it can always be worse.  Just keep as positive as you can.  Try to focus on the amazing things in life. There will be better days xo


Green Goodness.

I just have to share these delicious green beauties. Brussels Sprouts are great for you! I made them the other night and had to post about them.  I actually used to despise Brussels sprouts growing up, and its funny in my old mature age of 31 I am completely enamored with them.  They really are […]

The Braid Debacle

  So I am obsessed with braids.  Like I cant stop.  As a hairstylist one would think I would have just been a natural, and amazing at them. Wrong!  I was not, not at all.  I remember being in school at Paul Mitchell and trying to get the hang of them and I just could […]

Can I take a day off?

I have some time to myself right now.  Husband is at work (I am lucky to have the most loving, supportive partner in this life).  Family is at beach.  I couldn’t go because I am having one of those days.  One of those days that just tests you and makes you need a major time […]