I am a foodie.  I love so many different foods.  My favorites are Spanish tapas, any kind of fresh salad, and I love turkish dishes.  Many years ago while I was working retail in the Winter Park, Florida area I came across an amazing Turkish spot called Bosphorus.  It was so delicous and I fell […]

Hello all.  I have not posted in a bit, I have been in a little funk.  I have been feeling just a little down and stressed.  I have taken just a little break from cell phone, blogging, a little time out.  As I  sit here thinking, “I do not want to be Debbie Downer”.  I […]

For eighteen years I have been a diabetic.  For eighteen years I have been taking insulin, and monitoring my blood sugars daily.  I check my sugar probably 7 to 8 times a day.  At times,  even more if I am having a high or low blood sugar.  I can not explain the anxiety and fear […]