Be careful where you are steppin.

Sep 14, 2015

There is an aspect of what ifs and precautions that we live with as diabetics.  Of course what we eat, the exercise we get the injections and so on.  To me personally,  there is one thing specifically that I am very mindful of… My feet.  I need them to stay healthy and happy!


Of course everyone needs to be careful where they step, what the step on,  and wearing proper footwear ect.  This issue is so crucial to a diabetics safety.  Because our diabetes can damage the nerves in our extremities especially our hands,  and feet we need to be mindful of any changes in our feet.  Inspect your feet daily for cuts, sores, blisters.  Wash your feet every single day. Try to not walk around barefoot if you can help it, you can never really know what is under your feet.  This is not hard for me because I can not stand feeling dirt or sand on my feet.  I am a girly girl to the fullest, and oh so proud.

Pedicures, something I used to do weekly, I no longer like to partake in.  I just will not take the chance of risking an infection.  A little over a  year ago I contracted an infection from a pedicure , and ended up losing the toenail.  I had to be on an antibiotic as well.  To some this may not be that big of a deal, but for me it was.  I am so protective of my feet.   After that,  I realized it was not worth the risk.  Unless it is comparable to a hospital setting , which we know nail salons are the furthest from that, don’t risk it.  The nail eventually came back, but it could have been a very different outcome.  Now I give myself a pedicure, and use lotion that caters to diabetics.  I think I do just as good of a job as well…and save oh so much money, so goooo me 🙂  Here below is a lotion I recommend.  You can find it at any drug store,  Walmart and Target.


I want us all to have healthy, happy, beautiful feet.  Remember if you notice any changes or cuts that are not healing right, numbness or tingling, call your doctor.  Better to be safe xoxoxo



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