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Apr 13, 2016

So sorry it has been a bit since I have had a post.  I fell into a little rut, was not feeling great.  I do feel today as tho I have turned a corner.

Thats the thing with diabetes.  Sometimes, you just need a time out.  Of course not from insulin injections, finger pricks, but just from the stress of it.  I sometimes just retreat and take time for myself.  Less social media, less plans, I just let myself take time for me.  This is so crucial and I have had to learn to do it.  Always remember take time for YOU.  You can be there for others still, while maintaining your own sanity.

I have had a rough few months filled with doctor appointments, eye appointments and it made me tired and truthfully  a little bummed.  I learned thats OK.  Its OK to feel a little bummed about this disease.  This month is my 19th year of being a Type one Diabetic.  Thats a long time to have a chronic illness.

I woke up a couple of days looking at it like this.  I am just going to be grateful for the good days, and push through the bad ones.  I am learning to be kinder to myself.  When a high sugar pops up on Dexcom or meter, I will correct it best I can and move on.  Try harder the next hour, minute, and days.

With diabetes,  it really can be a thing where you constantly beat yourself up.  We have to remember sometimes diabetes just has a mind of its own and we just have to ride it out sometimes.

Just take a deep breath and do your best everyday.


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