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Jun 16, 2016

So here I sit nineteen years into my Type one diabetic journey.  I am the proud new owner of an Animas Vibe insulin pump.   Yes, thats right I have chosen to join the pump family.  I am so excited, nervous, and curious on how the pump will  work for me.  I wondered will my sugars be better? Will it be too much to be hooked up to a medical device 24 hours a day,  7 days a week? Is there really anything to be scared about? Will it hurt? Will it be overwhelming?  These are just some of the thoughts that have been going through my mind for months.  I am excited to share a  bit of my experience with you.

So, first of all I chose the Animas Vibe.  I chose this pump because it works alongside my Dexcom.  For me that alone was a selling point.  I am in love with the Dexcom, and being able to access my sugar readings and see trends whenever I want.  The Dexcom is such an incredible tool on its own.  It is really incredible that this pump, displays my Dexcom readings right onto the pump screen.


Before you can use your pump you go through a three to four hour pump training session.  This is not too bad considering years ago, you were required to stay in the hospital when starting the pump.  The training was pretty straight forward.  You learn all about the displays and the ins and out of the pump.  I learned how to insert the infusion set safely, how to navigate through all the features.  I also loved that pumps use only fast acting insulin.  So essentially a patient will often be taking about 20% less insulin.

An insulin pump  mimics a pancreas in the sense that it will give tiny amounts of insulin ever hour. Let me tell you what a game changer this has been.  I have had the BEST numbers in all my nineteen years of Type one diabetes.  I actually cant wait for my next A1c checkup.  It has been life changing for me really.  I feel so much better physically, and so proud I finally chose to take the plunge.  It is still hard work, but how rewarding it is to be so happy with my sugar readings… finally.  I am finally going to be able to go to the endocrinologist without a pit of serious nervousness in my stomach, dreading the doom and gloom of a not so ideal result.

Also I would just like to say for me, not taking 5 to 15 injections a day has been such a blessing.  I mean its a trade off  because now I have the pump hooked up to me at all times, however I got used to that after a week or so.  I was so surprised how little time it took for me to adjust.  I tend to wear the pump on my waistband or in my bra.  I do not recommend the bra location too often, I was told it makes the insulin warmer and less effective… BUT I like it there when I wear a dress, or when I sleep, or when it falls off the waistband.


So my conclusion only 46  days into my journey is I am so elated.  The benefits have outweighed any negatives I had in my mind.  I was so surprised how quickly this has integrated into my everyday life.  So much easier to bolus with a press of a button, instead of hauling out my insulin pen and having a painful injection.    The only thing I do regret is waiting this long to join the pump family.  I truly think this has been was one of the best decisions, I have made in regards to managing my diabetes.  I hope this has helped anyone questioning getting on the pump, do not hesitate to ask me any questions at all, I am here 🙂



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