a1c. its you and me.

Alright.. soooo any diabetic can relate to the nerves of the dreaded A1c test.  No matter how many times I tell myself to calm down I can  not.   It is a test.  I hate any kind of test…  but especially medical tests… but more then anything the a1c test. See the “dreaded” a1c is a […]

Pump pump it up…

So here I sit nineteen years into my Type one diabetic journey.  I am the proud new owner of an Animas Vibe insulin pump.   Yes, thats right I have chosen to join the pump family.  I am so excited, nervous, and curious on how the pump will  work for me.  I wondered will my […]

Catch up.

So sorry it has been a bit since I have had a post.  I fell into a little rut, was not feeling great.  I do feel today as tho I have turned a corner. Thats the thing with diabetes.  Sometimes, you just need a time out.  Of course not from insulin injections, finger pricks, but […]