Catch up.

Apr 13, 2016

So sorry it has been a bit since I have had a post.  I fell into a little rut, was not feeling great.  I do feel today as tho I have turned a corner. Thats the thing with diabetes.  Sometimes, you just need a time out.  Of course not from insulin injections, finger pricks, but […]

Gosh.. does anyone ever just want the day off from diabetes? I do! I do! Maybe half a day? An hour?  Well I will keep wishing, but since we all know that is just not possible I will just tweak my attitude.  I will practice some positive thinking.  Yes let the positive thinking commence. I […]

I have to report that  I have been feeling so good.. I do not want to jinx myself, but I have been doing well.  My goal for myself is to live everyday the best I can.  I want to live this way in my everyday life, not just my diabetes life.  I have vowed to […]

There is an aspect of what ifs and precautions that we live with as diabetics.  Of course what we eat, the exercise we get the injections and so on.  To me personally,  there is one thing specifically that I am very mindful of… My feet.  I need them to stay healthy and happy! Of course […]

I am a foodie.  I love so many different foods.  My favorites are Spanish tapas, any kind of fresh salad, and I love turkish dishes.  Many years ago while I was working retail in the Winter Park, Florida area I came across an amazing Turkish spot called Bosphorus.  It was so delicous and I fell […]

Hello all.  I have not posted in a bit, I have been in a little funk.  I have been feeling just a little down and stressed.  I have taken just a little break from cell phone, blogging, a little time out.  As I  sit here thinking, “I do not want to be Debbie Downer”.  I […]

For eighteen years I have been a diabetic.  For eighteen years I have been taking insulin, and monitoring my blood sugars daily.  I check my sugar probably 7 to 8 times a day.  At times,  even more if I am having a high or low blood sugar.  I can not explain the anxiety and fear […]

Who said that yogurt and oatmeal is just for the morning?!  It is not!  I find this mason jar filled with goodness, a delicious breakfast,  noon or night.  It really helps keep me satisfied throughout the day,  so I do not want to snack so much.  I do not really ever make anything with a […]

After so many years of diabetes I have gone through numerous doctors, I believe my count is at five.   At times, I felt as if my doctors weren’t really listening, or caring.  I felt like I was just a number on a chart that they glanced down  at a second before they entered the […]

I have to admit I love chips.  They are my weakness.  I mean I can finish a bag in two days kind of weakness, maybe a bag in a couple hours. We are talking, a slap your hand away if you want a chip kind of weakness.  I have an obsession with Doritos, Cheetos, and […]